Social Club

Our Social Club has been meeting in one form or another since the 1940’s. It was originally
called the Couples Club and consisted of married couples from the church who met monthly for dinner and a business meeting. For many years the Couples Club organized a Lord’s Acre Auction and sponsored the Sunday School Christmas Party. In the 70’s another group began to emerge called the “Young Adults Club” Many of the members of this group were the married children of the members from the Couples Club. As membership in the Couples Club began to wane, the two groups combined resources and members to become the Social Club.

The current Social Club consists of young families, singles, retired couples…………everyone in the church is welcome to participate. The Social Club meets in the church hall the second Saturday of each month at 6:00pm for a covered dish dinner followed by a business meeting. It is a wonderful time of socialization and fellowship.

Each year the group sponsors the church’s annual Christmas Party. At least once a year a fund raiser is planned. For the past three year very successful Giffy’s Chicken BBQ’s have been held on Memorial Day. Our funds are used for various church projects/missions as needed.