About Our Church

Our faith, above all, is centered in Christ. Every need of ours finds its answer in Jesus Christ. The final authority in the Reformed Faith is Holy Scripture, the living Word of God, spoken to everyone through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and makes it real and actual in our lives. This has always been and will always be the authentic wellspring of Reformed faith


Dutch settlers first brought the Reformed Church to Albany in 1628, and Knox Reformed Church (KRC) was founded in 1841.

KRC was reassigned from the First Presbyterian Church of Knox, founded in 1802. The
Church Covenant and the pulpit Bible still exists. At the time, church attendance
was irregular and only transient pastors were available to preach. In 1825, the Rev.
J. Judson Buck, by all indications a devout and earnest minister, became the first
settled pastor, and was installed over the Knox and Hamilton Union (Guilderland)
congregations. The church had 55 members at that time.

As the Dutch Reformed settlement began to increase in the village, so did a desire for
a Dutch Reformed Church. Reorganization was freely discussed and a new church of
43 members was formed. The new church was received into the Classis of Albany on
September 2, 1842.

The church at that time was a plain wooden building and stood a little below the
present church site, just beyond the old cemetery which has long been known as the old Presbyterian Burying Ground. The original church was very plain and known as “God’s Barn“, but loved by those who worshipped there.

Rev. Joseph Kneiskern was the first pastor of the Knox Reformed Church (KRC). He
was born in Berne and after his education at Rutgers College and New Brunswick
Seminary, returned home to serve Knox and Second Berne (Thompson’s Lake) from 1841-1845.

After Rev. Kneiskern’s departure, Knox and Second Berne no longer joined in calling
a minister until 1869. Knox almost immediately made an alliance with the Gallupville
Church, organized in 1844 and the two churches had the same pastor until 1868.
Although there are few records of that time period the new church was said to be built in

In, 1868, William H. Ballagh was installed as Pastor of the Knox and Second Berne
churches. From that time to the present these two congregations have sustained a joint
pastorate (except from 1884-1885 when Knox was without a pastor). A parsonage was
purchased in 1868, with both churches paying one half of the expenses. This period
was one of great activity, growth and promise. During this time, William H. Nasholds
prepared himself to enter the ministry and was to become the first and only member
who has gone on to serve his home church as pastor.

Rev. George M. Slocum, served as pastor beginning in 1879 and under his inspired
preaching a spiritual awakening seemed to have taken place. The church continued
to grow under the pastorates of Andrew Parsons (serving 1886-1894) and Henry
Lockwood (1894-1901).

During 1902-1904, under the pastorate of Rev Jacob Van Ess, the church records show
the building being moved to its current location and the construction of the church hall

William E. Davis, who served during 1912-1915, led a time of the great improvement
in the church property – a new roof was added and the present church windows were
installed. A pulpit was donated and a new communion table beautified the interior.

Through the years many Pastors and Reverend’s have graced our blessed building, as
well as, many upgrades to the building and property. Most recently, on September 22,
2007 the handicap accessible Lift was dedicated by former Pastor Timothy Van Heest.

Knox Reformed Church is a friendly community church providing many resources to
area residents, serving the hilltowns of the Helderberg Mountain.