Nursery School

Knox Nursery School The Knox Nursery School was established more than 35 years ago by the Knox Reformed Church to provide our community with a structured and supervised preschool program. The school is regulated by a Board. The members of this board volunteer their time and services and they are responsible to the Consistory of the Knox Reformed Church. This is a nonprofit organization. Preschool children want to be with other children, and even when they do not actually play together, their play takes on a different meaning when they are together. To the young child, play itself is the serious business of life. It is learning and practicing and testing-in short, it is work. Of course, play is fun too! The child attends nursery school, not to learn the three R’s, but to build habits and share experiences. S/he will learn to make new friends; do new things; learn more about the world outside their own family; improve muscle control; and learn to live and learn with larger groups of children. Adjustment to the nursery school environment and routines is a fundamental aspect of our program. The children need time to learn to function in the group. The program is designed to encourage this adjustment and then to build upon it. For these reasons, the school operates a continuous session from September to June and the children enrolled are expected to attend the entire year.
The Knox Nursery School offers the child an opportunity to:

  1. Be with other children in the same age group
  2. Get along with others in a group situation
  3. Feel s/he belongs
  4. Grow toward independence
  5. Develop interest and joy in learning
  6. Develop security and feelings of success
  7. Develop creativity and foster creativity
  8. Develop motor skills
  9. Develop self-expression
  10. Develop responsibility
  11. Develop self-control

In addition to the everyday experiences such as music, dramatic play, art, etc., the children visit with people in the community who have special talents or careers that would interest the children (fire fighters, police officers, farmers, musicians, etc.) Often, the children will bring home something they have made which is a product of their learning experience. Other times, nothing will be brought home, but this should not imply that the session went by with no learning. Quite the contrary! Please call the school at 872-2015 for additional information such as the schedule of classes, tuition expenses, etc.,

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