A New Entrance Has Begun

The front steps renovation begins at the Knox Reformed Church.  After many months of discussion by the congregation, after church members were invited to participate in a task force to plan the project, the first visible actions have been taken.

The necessary beginning was to dismantle enough of the front steps to investigate the integrity of the foundation upon which new steps would be installed.  Until it is known how much repair is needed, the cost of the project cannot be estimated.  If structural repairs are needed, the project will cost more than the preliminary budget estimate. If so, there will need to be a congregational discussion on how we want to raise the required funds to finish the project before winter arrives.

The next phase is to clear the area of some shrubs and the old steps. As much as possible, church members will be counted on in order to keep labor costs to a minimum.  With only a few months of good weather left, this is a high priority for the church. These steps and railings will likely be expected to last for many decades.

Meanwhile, the front door to the sanctuary is closed to all for any reason. Access to the ramp is also closed until the new steps are in place. In order to preserve our options for the ramp, it will only be dismantled as needed to construct the new steps and entrance into the church sanctuary.